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Press Release


Patented plumbing innovation makes produce prep easier, safer and more efficient 

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, the leading provider of commercial foodservice plumbing fixtures, has released an innovative new product that simplifies food prep while boosting food safety and operational efficiency. 

ULTRARINSE is a patented swing nozzle attachment that is equipped with unique fan spray tips to create a broad, soft water spray. Angled tips maximize surface area contact, making the ULTRARINSE the perfect tool for washing produce or thawing frozen foods. 

The ULTRARINSE's spray pattern is faster and gentler in cleaning produce and uses less water than traditional rinsing or thawing methods. And it washes away particulates and bacteria that many faucet spray patterns can leave behind. 

"Restaurants and other foodservice operators can make a real difference in their food prep process with this deceptively simple tool," said David Scelsi, T&S product marketing manager. "The specially designed spray is highly effective at cleaning, helping to boost food safety. But we also took care to ensure it offered a gentle clean to reduce food damage and waste. It's the best of both worlds." 

ULTRARINSE is easy to install and is retrofit compatible with all T&S manual faucets. ULTRARINSE mounts directly under your existing faucet and is operated with a simple two-position handle. Choose "spray" to activate the ULTRARINSE sprayer or "fill" to turn on the nozzle for filling the sink. 

ULTRARINSE is available in two sizes to accommodate both 12" and 18" faucet nozzles. 

Learn more about the new ULTRARINSE from T&S on our website: